Incredible Engagement Dress for Indian Bride Ideas That Will Steal the Show

Wedding season is upon us! And what an incredible season it promises to be. With so many royals getting married this year, it’s sure to be a season full of grandeur and pageantry. When it comes to a wedding outfit, there are a few things that come to mind. For some, the outfit is the most important part of the wedding. Others may not care as much about the outfit, as long as they look good on the day. Regardless of your stance on wedding outfits, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing your outfit.

The first thing you need to consider is the theme of the wedding. Is it a formal affair? Is it a beach wedding? Is it a destination wedding? Once you know the theme, you can start to narrow down your choices. If the wedding is formal, then you will want to choose an outfit that is appropriate for the occasion. A long dress or a pantsuit is usually a good choice for a formal wedding. If the wedding is less formal, then you have more options. A shorter dress, or even a nice pair of pants and a top, can be a great choice for a less formal wedding. 

Now let’s get into the intricacies of getting the right outfit and the right dress to make you look like a queen on D-Day. Below are some of the best dresses you can possibly find to adorn you to make you look dazzling.

  1. A Gown with Tassels 

Nothing beats the beauty of a gown that will make you look stunning on your Engagement Day. Tassels add an X-Factor to your outfit and make it look like you’ve stepped right out of your van to a Met-Gala event. From Kendall to Kylie, you can select colors that they might have sported and go wild!

  1. A Neck too Steep

In the mood to add some glamour? Well, getting or rather stitching an outfit with a blouse that has a drop-neck style and has stonework details engraved in it will want you to have nothing more. We have just one thing to say, “Try it”.

  1. A Pop of Colour

Adding blocks of solid colors will accentuate the engagement day up a notch. For those that don’t want to stick to subtle, pastel colors, this idea is definitely for them. Sporting some good colors like bright yellow, Rani Pink or Peacock Blue can make you stand out of the crowd during your sanctified day. One of the best engagement dresses for a bride.

  1. A princess to be

Another style that you can rock on that day is our ever-green princess gown that will make you feel like you’ve walked right out of a Disney movie concept. Be your own version of Cinderella and wear your sparkly heels to sport that perfect Fairy-tale wedding. 

  1. Preaching Peach

Nothing saves the day more than selecting a peach gown when you’re not sure what to wear. This is a pastel color that you can pick if you want to play it safe and still look like an absolutely elegant bride. We would recommend this to everyone that will want to look killer but still go the classic route.

  1. Going the South Style

This one is for all our South Indian Bridezillas that want to go all wild with their Saree selection and want to sport an absolutely cute attire with a saree of their choice. This can not only set the tone of the event but also give you a wide range of materials to select from. Could be one of the best choices to sport an Indian wedding dress. 

  1. Mirror the Glitters

Another dazzling idea can be adding little but evident details of mirrors and shimmers. This will make you glitter and shine your way through your wedding. Pairing this up with some pastel shades of the outfit can be your holy grail for the evening.

Now that we know how to style our look, let’s look at where to look if we want to try on outfits and jewelry all at one store in Bangalore. 

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