Bridal Lehenga Colour Ideas For Every Skin Tone!

We are not standing by or propagating any stereotypes pertaining to skin tones. 

It is the biggest decision that a bride makes related to her bridal look. 

As we know, a new bridal set goes on-trend every year. Each of these sets delineates many different and unique bridal lehenga colours to select from. So, it is best to explore the market and select the best one for yourself. It is important to acknowledge that colour should look pleasing, and hold the grace to increase your beauty and skin complexion to make you the most beautiful bride ever. 

So, the question comes here is, how to select the most suitable lehenga colour? The colour of the lehenga often plays a key role in transforming the entire look of a bride. Though, if not chosen in the correct way then, it can dull your beauty. Thus, choosing the right bridal lehenga according to the skin complexion is very essential. Let’s make a proper idea by looking at the different types of skin tones and bridal lehenga colours in trend. 

• Know your skin colour 

Knowing your skin colour is the foremost and most essential step before selecting and buying a bridal lehenga. At first, you have to make out if you are fair, wheatish, or dark, and then select a lehenga colour accordingly. 

• Determine your undertone 

After determining your skin colour, next comes the need to know your undertone. Simply, there are two tones-warm and cool. So, for instance, if the veins that can be seen on your wrist are blue, you have a cool undertone, and if the veins on your wrist are green, you have a warm undertone. 

• Understanding your colours based on the season 

The season should be taken into consideration, too, before selecting and buying a bridal lehenga for your special day. If the bride, is fair and has an undertone, then her colours are Spring. If the bride is a fair person with a cool undertone, then her colours are Summer. 

If the bride has a wheatish skin complexion and a warm undertone, then her colours are Spring, and if it has a cool undertone, then it is Autumn. If a bride is a dusky person with a warm undertone, then it’s Autumn, or else, her colours are Winter. 

• Brides with very fair skin tone 

Moreover, those with very fair skin tones are lucky as they can wear a number of light shades without considering much the same. Though, if you want to be a nice yet stunning bride, pastel colours are perfect for you. 

Peach, sky blue, and baby pink are some beautiful different bridal lehenga colours for warm skin tones. 

Navy blue, ruby red, wine, tomato reds, maroon, dark pink, and bright greens are best to take for pale skin tones. 

Shiny colours such as silver, golden, metallic blue, and light shiny purple would also look best on you. 

The pinkish version of the traditional red is suggested as the bridal lehenga colour for the night wedding. 

• Brides with warm fair tone or fair skin tone

You can opt for light colours such as light pink, emerald green, cream, off-white with silver embroidery, royal blue, and beige. They would look really amazing on you. These are the trendy bridal lehenga colours. 

Darker shades such as yellow, cherry red, maroon, hot pink, and purple will also be good for you. Bright reds, tomato reds, maroons, oranges, and hot pinks would be the best choice for a bride with a fair skin complexion. Cherry red is the ideal bridal lehenga colour for a night wedding. 

• Bride with Medium to Dusky skin colour tones 

Many Indian brides have this skin tone that looks a bit darker. Although, such skin tone can be lightened up by putting up the right lehenga colour that goes with the skin complexion. 

You can opt for lighter shades such as peach, beige, shimmery raspberry pink, pale yet warm pink, and a light tone of gold. These are the bridal lehenga colours that are in trend. Gold is in real the best bridal lehenga colour for a day wedding. 

If you want to put up something dark, then colours like red, yellow and orange and corals are suggested for you. You would definitely catch the attention of all the guests on your special day. 

• Brides with Dark skin tone 

This shade of skin complexion is to be taken as a dark skin tone. Moreover, women with this complexion usually have a hard time choosing the correct colour for the wedding lehenga. 

Light and warm shades such as medium pink shades, red as in apple red, and blues would look best on you. Light, summer pastels are the summer recommended as your bridal lehenga colour for a day wedding. 

Darker shades such as Deep orange, mint green, dark yellow, bright rust, and deep red will make you look beautiful and stunning. 


Now that you know the steps to be taken before selecting a bridal lehenga experiment with colours on your own. Ensure to know your skin complexion, undertone, and the season before you go for the shades of lehenga. 

You are suggested to drape the lehenga at the time of trial to know and have an idea if a specific lehenga goes with your body time and skin complexion or not. 

Ensure to look after the minute details of the lehenga as each thing should be perfect for your wedding day. So try out the different bridal lehenga colours as we have suggested in this blog, and be the happiest and most stunning bride ever. 

At the End:

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