Bridal Lehenga Tips To Survive A Freezing Winter Wedding!

It’s Shaadi wala month already which means that winters are officially knocking at the door and that for us at Dazzles means “wedding da season” because it’s the month of enjoying each step people!! With the shiny winter sun, the food bites better than ever and of course no sweaty difficulties, winter weddings are without a doubt lovely and mostly favored for these joyous celebrations. Brides, even if you’ve selected the best colourful lehengas for your winter or the best bridal jewels to wear along, there’s still one question that will leave you in doubt, How to deal with those winter chills while being able to frisk around in those beautiful wedding dresses? 

For a bride, who is getting married in winter, the thought of having to bear the cold while putting on those glam outfits and flaunting those is no wonder terrible. Although we care for our beautiful brides a tad bit too much, we’ve come up with some styling tricks that would help you stay warm and comfy throughout the wedding functions and still look ravishing. 

Are you ready to challenge the cold while looking your bridal best? 

If yes, then read on: 

Best tricky ways to keep yourself warm at your winter wedding: 

1. Ditch the common dupatta and go for a warm stole 

Beautiful ladies out there, how about having a dazzling embellished velvet or a beautifully embroidered pashmina or cashmere stole instead of the common dupattas for your winter wedding outfits? Put it on loosely or have it stylishly draped, suit yourself with a warm stole, and you’re all set to go! 

Also, for your shaadi wala dress, select a stole as one of your double dupattas and have that covered over you while taking the other lighter one over your head! All good to go! 

2. Put on warm leggings underneath the lehenga 

With all that chilling cold and cold winds blowing, your legs are bound to freeze under your open-flared lehenga. One of the best ways to keep away from that is by wearing a pair of warm thermal leggings under the bottom. It would bring you that much-required warmth and would not make your outfit any heavier. 

3. Go for warmer materials 

The good and most important thing that you should keep in mind while bridal shopping is that you select only those dress materials that are more on the warmer side. Selecting outfits in silks and velvets should be your go-to, at least for night events! Sarees and lehengas in these fabrics look outstanding and are obviously the ideal winter fabrics. 

4. Have a cozy lining stitched in your blouse 

Lining under your suits and blouses is important, and a perfectly structured finish. For the lining of your blouses and tops, select warmer cloth fabrics for those warm feels. Materials like Matka silk, raw silk, flannel, and even pashmina are some outstanding selections to have your blouses lined with. 

5. Cosy slips under suits 

Keeping yourself cozy is relatively simple if you’re going to select suits or kurta dresses for your lighter events. You can either get yourself a cozy material slip stitched to wear underneath or wear a thermal one. The comfort of that amazingly flared Anarkalis and dresses topped off with lesser shivering. 

6. Put on a full-sleeved blouse 

Another option to keep yourself from freezing cold is selecting a full-sleeved blouse. Yes, we know those sleeveless and off-shoulder blouses are super stylish. But, you are required to take care of yourself too and full sleeves can be stylish too! Have those full sleeves beautifully embellished with embroideries or beautiful broad borders, or go for those super stylish churidar sleeves. 

7. Capes and jackets are other good options to go for 

Make your wedding dresses more stylish and trendy and puts those stunning capes and jackets over your dress. They would protect you from freezing. A caped blouse for your sarees or a jacket over your top & skirt set is the best idea to wear, something different and unique as a bride that gives you a defining edge. 

8. Don’t opt for open-toe footwear

Keeping the feet warm is one of the most important points to keep in mind during the chilling winter months of December & January. Being a bride, you cannot go for socks or stockings and make a flop out of your bridal style result. So, bring different wedding footwear choices to the rescue! One of them being the stylish juttis. They are very comfortable, available in plenty of colors and styles, and you can even get them customized from the best jutti brands very easily. 

At the End:

We at Dazzles, provide you with the best services and dresses across the region which will increase the happiness in your happy day. You will be treated with all the facilities at our bridal boutique in Bangalore. 

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