Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles: Explore the Different Ways!

With the same lehenga, you can carry out different yet incredible looks by the way you drape your dupatta. Draping a lehenga dupatta is a work of art and each one should have at least a few styles in mind for that outstanding look.

When you gather together your jewel and best make-up to put on, a drape raises the whole look of the lehenga. You can make it look stylish and beautiful at the same time. You can change to different draping styles for different functions. Keep your choices open. 

The beauty of any Indian outfit is all about the versatility it gives. Every material has its own pleating need, as you may have seen that chiffon is more likely to be loose while silk textured dupatta will need to be wide and more casual. Ensure while choosing the draping style you think about your height as well. 

• Drape enfold in the waist style 

Here the drape is wrapped at the waist and the dupatta is allowed to cascade down the shoulder. If the dupatta has a net texture, then it shows off the whole ensemble. 

No doubt, this style is the perfect one. Especially when you are the showrunner for the dance face-off. Keep your dupatta secure from falling and stay sparkling all through. 

Don’t worry about falling anywhere. Get some textured organza dupatta which will help the material pleats stay in one place without falling. There are many fancy saree pins available in the market which you can use for pinning up over your shoulder. Drape it nicely. 

• One side attack 

Here, you don’t have to work on any draping style, but just put the dupatta on any one of the sides and let it flow. Ensure your height is a bit taller to carry the long dupatta. Just one side, and it is done, as you will get the blend of two particular attire in a single one. 

• The original dupatta style 

If the Dupatta has lots of weighty decorated embellished things and if lots of things are happening on it which flatters you, then get the dupatta and pin it up on both sides. This could be the most favorite one and would look extra beautiful when paired with a great bordered dupatta. It is said, and you already know, that this style looks better and is preferred on a Mehendi Day. 

• Tuck it over your elbow pit style 

This is the go-to when you want to set a wave of pleasantness. This ensemble is shiny and the style of wearing the dupatta without making any mess is amazing. This style would work amazingly while you are clicking full-mode pictures. This style would do for your amazing wedding wear as well, though it got great contrast between the blouse and a Lehenga. 

• Hold it over your wrist 

Go for the style where you can just pin up your dupatta at your wrist. Maybe enfold it with a bangle or something, or just catch it as you tie the knot. And it’s really simple. Believe us! 

• Blend it with your blouse 

If you have a well-balanced & well-textured dupatta you can blend it with some pleats together. The dupatta can be put up with some accessories if the dupatta seems too simple. This looks good for reception day as well. 

• A neat and tidy way 

In usual style you allowed your dupatta to flow down but if you want to include a more sophisticated vibe. Pin the dupatta on one shoulder and let it circle around your waist and make a full circle. 

• Belt it up at the waist 

Use your dupatta to make a saree a vibe. Maximum brides would love this. 

• Belt it up at the waist while covering the bun 

The way you enfold the belt around the dupatta to create the saree feel earlier, here you can take the dupatta and cover your bun or your head. Any style would look amazing. 

• Plait and pin it 

Take the dupatta and plait it up and pin it on just one shoulder, and you can belt the rest with a belt or Kamar bandh for a more easy and stylish look. This look will not demand more, and you can dance freely. This style is also inconvenience free. 

• Sabyasachi Style 

Take some ideas from the Sabyasachi style and use two dupattas. A sheer dupatta along with a heavily detailed dupatta would easily blend well together to get the look. 

You can take one velvety dupatta if you want and let the other one be a shimmery one. Get the dupatta and take it diagonally on the other side and pin its border right on the shoulder. Let the opposite dupatta get over your head. The double dupatta is the most happening thing and every bride wants to try it out. It looks royal. 

• Above the head, covering your face 

Just take the dupatta to cover your face and allow the dupatta to hang and flow in behind. If you want to get the vibe of a princess, then go for a royal black Lehenga. See that your dupatta isn’t getting any weighty because it may mess up your hair-do. 

Sum Up: Lehenga Draping Style 

Some clothing fabrics will look better when plaited, while some textures look great when allowed to flow or hang and roll over the overall ensemble. Combining the dupatta with the Lehenga is the most essential thing. You are required not to hide the vibrant colours and embellishments over the lehenga. So, ensure each drape will ooze out the style.

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